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Saturday Showcase: A is for Alligator

First in my quest to make something for every letter in the alphabet is this guy. Green crochet alligator on white background

This original version has a binder clip in his mouth so that when you squeeze his head, his mouth opens. It was also worked with his head made first, starting at the top of his mouth. The back and stomach were made next, with the tail worked off them and the head sewn on, but I’ve since reworked the pattern so that the head is worked off the body, with nothing to sew on. This pattern is both cute and quick to make – my favorite combination.

Starting fresh (again)

Sometimes, I accidentally click the wrong button and delete my whole website and have to start over. Sometimes, I don’t like the hosting plan I have and let it expire and have to start over.

Regardless, here we are, starting fresh, again. Please enjoy my creations, and fingers crossed this incarnation of my site sticks around this time.

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